Be Purely Happy & Organic with this Divine Hand Made Skin Care Range “Live Native”

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You know by now just how crazy we are about organic skin care. We love reading the ingredient list on our products and knowing exactly what we’re putting onto our skin and into our bodies. One of the newest contenders on the organic skincare market is Live Native direct from the Isle of Skye, created by Vicky and Ian Ewbank.

Live Native have created a pure and clean skincare range that is jam packed with nutrition going straight to your skin. The products are all freshly handmade using pure tropical oils, active minerals and living botanicals. The range is produced entirely without heat in order to maintain the ingredient’s benefits, the way nature intended. Being completely  free from  colourings, preservatives, parabens and petroleum by products, you can sleep tight knowing your skin is absorbing the best of nature’s goodness.


Live Native’s range includes the Pure Native Cleansing Balm with Rosehip (RRP $72), the perfect first step in a natural skin care regimen. The natural oil based balm dissolves the grime of every day life and effortlessly cuts through and removes makeup. Coconut oil and rosehip oil work together to, over time, unblock clogged pores and treat bacterial conditions so that your skin is left soft and smooth. The product actually comes quite loose, particularly in warmer climates where the coconut oil remains in liquid form. And it felt a bit weird having such a heavy oil based cleanser with no make up to remove with – as we often spend our days wearing none – so initially it does feel like a strange departure from traditional cream cleansers.

The Essential Earth Exfoliating Cleaner with Chamomile (RRP $76.80) is a facial cleanser for those looking for a deeper clean which can be used everyday but I wouldn’t. The cleanser is packed with minerals harvested straight from the earth and sea which helps to extract dirt and oil from deep within your pores. Oats gently exfoliate the skin while coconut and argan oils rehydrate and balance the skin leaving it plump and dewy. This one is really really earthy and it feels like you are putting dirt on your face to clean and exfoliate but it feels nourishing at the same time. Once again it feels strange having an oil as part of the exfoliating process when we’re used to more ‘stringent’ exfoliators with a lighter base.

Follow up your cleanser with the Essential Mist MSM Toner (RRP $47.80). Blended from organic rose water and a bouquet of fragrant essential oils the mist is an easy way to hydrate and refresh stressed and aging skin. The added MSM, which is a naturally occurring sulphur extract, helps to rebuild vital collagen that keeps your face youthfully radiant.

The Essential Beauty Serum (RRP $64.20) is a lightweight serum rich in anti-ageing omega and living botanical oils. The rich argan, carrot and rosehip oil rejuvenate the skin while white tea extracts pack a super antioxidant punch to heal the skin from within.

The final step in any skincare regimen is moisturiser. Live Native’s Essential Woman Fragipani Moisturiser (RRP $52) is surprisingly lightweight and absorbs effortlessly into the skin considering it’s an oil based moisturiser. The raw aloe vera, coconut oil and shea butter work together to create an intensely hydrating moisturiser while the blend of essential oils – frangipani and rose create an intoxicatingly feminine scent that lingers on the skin.


We were only sent 5ml samples, so can’t really give a really long term effective review for you but when you put them on your skin you can feel the goodness soaking into your skin and it just feels so nourishing.  And we particularly loved the use of coconut oil in the products, we want more products that feature this oil thank you!

The Live Native products are packed with ingredients that are so good for you and your skin. There’s no harm making the switch to organic products, and saying goodbye to chemicals for good.

Live Native can be bought online at the Be Genki website and you can check out Life Native’s website here: and you can also learn more about the creator Vicky Ewbank here.

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