Book Review: The Vintage Teacup Club, Vanessa Greene

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A vintage teaset, offered up at a car boot sale in Sussex, brings together three women from quite different lives, in Vanessa Greene’s debut novel The Vintage Teacup Club. At first glance, each lady dismisses the others and believes her need for the teaset is more important than the rest. However, they agree to settle the matter over a cup of tea and end up sharing custody of the teaset in a delightfully whimsical story.

Jenny, the youngest of the three, has her heart set on a vintage tea-party as the setting for her upcoming dream wedding to her soulmate Dan. But for Jenny, the one thing she wants from her wedding is her mother to share it with her, and that seems impossible as her mother left her family, without a word, over twenty years ago.


Stylish Maggie runs a boutique floristry, and has just signed up what may be the event of her career – supplying flowers for a celebrity wedding, themed in the style of Allice in Wonderland. She’s desperate to make this work and just knows that the teacups will be central to the Mad Hatter scenes. However, she’s also coming fresh from a devastating break-up, and the landscape architect on the wedding planning committee is anything but easy to deal with, so she’s finding her courage and energy wearing thin.

The artist Alison, stay-at-home mum to two teenage girls, is trying to build up her own business supplying quirky teacup candles. Despite their best efforts, her family seems to be sliding into a money hole and her business might be all they have left – if they can take the plunge and set up a proper selling space for her.

Between these three ladies, those teacups will have a varied life as they travel from wedding to garden party to candle. And with all three ladies scouring vintage shops, car boot sales and auctions, they are guaranteed to find all 200-odd cups that they need. But the enduring story is one of how the three women find deeper friendships than they ever expected, and how the power of a shared cup of tea really can solve what may seem impossible problems.

Definitely one to enjoy with your own cup of tea, better yet, in a vintage teacup of your own.

Available now: Hachette RRP$19.99


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