Film Review: Goddess

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Directed by: Mark Lamprell
Writer: Mark Lamprell, Joanna Weinberg
Starring:  Laura Michelle Kelly, Ronan Keating, Magda Szubanski, Hugo Johnstone-Burt
Sassi’s Star Rating: 4/5

As Magda Szubanski mentioned at the Goddess premiere, it’s a fun film, they had fun making it, and if you don’t have fun watching it than you better sit down and have a long, hard think about yourself.


In Goddess, Elspeth Dickens dreams of singing her way around the world. Unfortunately she’s stuck caring for her twin toddlers in an isolated farmhouse in Tasmania. Her husband James is hardly home, spending weeks on the ocean trying to save whales. Elspeth (Laura Michelle Kelly) has no friends, and she only gets to sing on the rare occasions when her toddlers sleep. Even then, her audience consists of the single goat grazing outside her kitchen window.

That’s all about to change when a gift from James (Ronan Keating) spirals her to stardom. He gives her a webcam, and while he’s sailing the seas she begins singing to her rapidly growing fan base, all through the webcam propped above her kitchen sink.


When her singing draws the attention of no-nonsense agent Cassandra Wolfe (Magda Szubanski), Elspeth’s dream of singing around the world becomes a reality, if she’s willing to make sacrifices.

Writer Joanna Weinberg is a singer, actress, and songwriter. Her stage show Sinksongs, which she had written and performed, is the basis for Goddess. In Goddess, Laura Michelle Kelly’s voice is amazing, and rightly so, as she has graced the stage in many musicals in the UK, including Marry Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, My Fair Lady, and Les Misérables.


Surprisingly, Magda Szubanski belts out an impressive tune, as she struts through the hilarious song, Do you know who I am. Her performance throughout the film is fantastic. Ronan Keating makes his acting debut, and bares a bit of bum to boot.

All in all Goddess is a riot. Sure the plot gets a bit cheesy and you may disagree on whether Elspeth makes the right choice in the end, but if you’re looking for a fun musical made in Oz this will make you smile.


Beautifully filmed with superb singing, Goddess is a screen-savvy musical that Australia should be proud of.

Snap on your dish gloves and start singing. Goddess in cinemas now!


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