Book Review: Puppy Love, Frauke Scheunemann

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Hercules (aka Carl-Leopold Von Eschersbach) is a dachshund, given away for having a pedigree that is less than pure. Luckily, he is rescued from an animal shelter and taken home with the adorable violinmaker, Caroline.

Pretty soon, one thing becomes clear to Hercules: Caroline has horrible taste in men. And her current boyfriend, Thomas, is the worst.

With the help of Mr Beck, an old residential cat, Hercules devises a plan to show Caroline what type of man Thomas really is and then locate for her a better, more perfect match.

Puppy Love by Frauke Scheunemann is a tale of love told through the eyes of a dachshund. Hercules provides the clarity of an outsider’s perspective, but also the innocence and naivety of a creature who doesn’t always understand the ways of the human heart.


Caroline’s potential love-candidates include: a co-worker and long time friend who is secretly in love with her, a charming actor who sweeps her off her feet and a vet who recognises the worth beneath a pedigree… With options like that, how’s a girl to choose?

Fortunately, Hercules is here to help her make a decision.

Telling the story through the point of view of a dog allows for a certain amount of ‘cuteness’ and sighing, as readers can’t help but be sucked in by those big puppy eyes. However, there are moments when I wonder if it would feel more authentic to have Hercules be more ‘dog-like’ and less able to understand human speech.

There is a little room for development in the characters, as at times they come across as slightly flat; it is hard to get a full-handle on their personalities, which stems from the fact that we are not always with them and are provided with only what Hercules observes.

Also, while the romances have the potential of creating tension with three very different (and often sought after) types of men–they do come across as nice blend of whimsy and comfort–there could be more of a build-up and connection to help readers choose which one of the candidates they want to cheer on.

Puppy Love is a chick lit romance and a good read for that lazy afternoon in a comfy chair. It is perfect for readers who love stories about animal antics and, of course, the accompanying mishaps.

Available now: Allen & Unwin RRP$29.99


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