Book Review: The Vogue Factor, Kirstie Clements

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Are you beginning to feel the crave for something salacious and splendid in the lull between new issues of Vogue? Look no further than The Vogue Factor, the most glamorous and sizzling thing you’ll find outside the glossy pages of the magazine itself.

The Vogue Factor is the new autobiography by Kirstie Clements, everyone’s favourite editor. Kirstie dives right in, beginning with a gut wrenching anecdote of her unceremonious dismissal from the top job at Vogue Australia. But don’t be fooled by the opening pages – this isn’t a scandalous, vengeance driven book, Kirstie is the ultimate image of vogue – poised, graceful and ever-so-cool, she then whirls you through what were the most fascinating and exciting years of anyone’s life.

Beginning at the tender age of 23, Kirstie landed herself what she believed to be the role of a lifetime – a receptionist for Vogue’s Australian edition. From there, her life is completely transformed. Kirstie is a gripping writer – her descriptions of her co-workers are so detailed you feel like you’re peering over Kirstie’s shoulder as she goes about her life.


What I loved most is how surprisingly funny the book was – from anecdotes of blabbing out lovelorn Youth Dew stories to an elderly Estee Lauder, to an endless reel of model related antics (look out for the story about the chain smoking, 15 year old German model), the book generated more than a few giggles.

Kirstie’s story is not all stilettos and fashion shoots – she speaks quite openly about her pressure to hire more plus sized models and her frustration with modern perceptions of beauty. Fans of the industry will love her insight into the changing landscape – her long run at Vogue (from the bottom up) allowed her to see the media industry change and shift as the internet was introduced. Kirstie loved traditional Vogue and everything it stood for, and she speaks quite candidly about the growing pressures on traditional magazines.

Definitely a book for fashionistas and magazine buffs – the Vogue Factor is surprisingly fascinating, and you’ll be sure to never look at your favourite magazine the same way again.

Available now: Random House RRP$29.95


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