DVD Review: Savages

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Directed by: Oliver Stone
Starring:  Blake Lively, Benicio De Toro, Salma Hayek, John Travolta, Aaron Johnson, and Taylor Kitsch
Sassi’s Star Rating: 3/5

Drug cartels, racy relationships and saucy twists and turns – pretty much all you could ever hope for from a big Hollywood movie. Savages, new on DVD, includes all these things in one big, soapy ride that’ll suck you in until the very end.

Directed by the uber cool Oliver Stone, Savages tells the story of best friends Chon (played by gorgeous Taylor Kitsch) and Ben (Aaron Johnson), two marijuana growers living in California. Because Chon smuggled the seeds from Afghanistan after serving there as a Navy SEAL, their plantations have produced a particularly strong and well sought after strain of marijuana. They’re sharing the dream – money, drugs and even the same hot girlfriend, O (Blake Lively).


Once the movie gets going, it really gets going – there’s a violent and bloody threat from a cartel enforcer, there’s escape plans and dramatic kidnappings. The plot sort of gets lost amongst all the soapy twists and turns and the introduction of new characters each with complex and intricate relationships.

The movie tends to be a little on the graphic side too – there’s bloody fight scenes, gunshots and even a cringe worthy rape scene, that have you feeling more than a little uncomfortable as the movie progresses.

If you don’t mind the in your face portrayal of the drug underworld, this movie is by no means bad. It’s trashy and gutsy and certainly worth the watch on a lazy evening in.

Available now: DVD RRP$39.95 and Blu-ray RRP$44.95


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