Be Transported to a Secret Garden with MOR’s New Jardiniere Home Fragrance Collection

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Now that it’s autumn, we’re beginning to miss the blossom of brightly coloured flowers. But thanks to MOR, with the flick of a match, you can be transported to gorgeous springtime secret gardens and breathe in the fragrance of mysterious florals, without even leaving your living room.

MOR JARDINIERE Fragrance Collection

The MOR Jardiniere home fragrance collection takes you on a journey through ambling paths, luscious lawns and moss covered stones that hide a swell of beautiful, vibrant flowers. They have created three separate fragrances – each their own miniature conservatories containing the perfect bouquet of flowers to create these heady blends.


Firstly, there is L’Orangerie – a fresh and bright scent which combines sharp citruses with sensual orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose and lush earth maiden hair fern.


If you’re looking for something a little more free spirited, we loved La Bohemienne – reminiscent of meandering gardens where the wild flowers are allowed to flourish. Combining tart balsamic blackberries, heady apple blossoms, night blooming jasmine, tangerines, purple orchids and just a touch of vanilla sugar, the fragrance well and truly has its head in some sweetly scented clouds.


Finally, for mystery and wonder Le Maroc combines sweet fruity notes (Orange Rind, Apricot and Sultana) with sultry spices – cinnamon, vanilla pod and pink peppercorn. This sweetness is overlaid by the richness of Mahogany and sweet orange blossoms, reminiscent of warm Moroccan breezes.

Each collection is available in two separate products. Firstly the Aromatic Reed Diffuser (RRP $39.95). Inspired by romantic Victorian conservatories, the diffuser will gently disperse the heady scents throughout your entire home for scrumptious, long lasting fragrance.

Alternatively for short, controllable bursts of fragrance, the collection also includes the indulgent dual wick candles (RRP $39.95). We love the large glass jars which the candles are contained in, ensuring a burn time of up to 60 hours. The candles smell so good while they burn, and the scent lingers in your house hours after you have blown them out.

The MOR Jardiniere Fragrance Collection is available now from David Jones, Myer, selected gift boutiques or Mor’s website:

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