Book Review: Cook With Love, Pete Evans

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We just can’t seem to get enough of My Kitchen Rules – almost every night, everyone I know is glued to their televisions for another hit of their favourite trashy television. But one of the benefits of My Kitchen Rules is seeing a lot more of Pete Evans on our screens, and all the tasty looking food is enough to make us want to branch out in the kitchen ourselves.

Pete has made it easier to do that, with his new cookbook Cook With Love. Cook With Love contains what Pete considers his greatest hits throughout his long career as a professional cook –  from the daily staples his family adore to more glamorous recipes he once loved to cook and even recipes lovingly handed down to him by those he treasures. This cookbook has just a little bit of everything.


The book is divided into easy to find chapters – seemingly just by random categories – there’s a breakfast chapter, a seafood chapter, a chapter of foods to go with drinks. The recipes range from family-friendly favourites to exotic and edgy mixes.

The photos are gorgeously shot, and each image jumps right off the page, good enough to eat. What I loved most about the book is Pete’s personal anecdotes accompany every recipe – a story about how his children enjoyed the dish, or where he first encountered the chef who introduced it to him. Each recipe has a little bit of Pete’s spirit imbued in it, which gives the book that extra personal edge.

The recipes do span just about any food desire – some are a little bit over the top (Oyster Shooter with Sake and Wasabi anyone?), perfect for the adventurous foodie, but there are also wholesome staples like Balinese Roasted Chicken (which we cooked with chicken drumsticks below and it was incredibly easy to cook, fresh and oh so delish – pg 199) and Putanesca Pizza that will feed a ravenous group of friends. The book has so many different recipes, you’ll surely be busy in the kitchen for a long while to come.


Available now: Murdoch Books RRP $49.99

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