Book Review: Low FODMAP Foods, Dr Sue Shephard

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It’s one of those things everyone knows about, but no one talks about. IBS. Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be an embarrassing subject to touch, but apparently it’s more common than we think (have a look at this story from Claire Obeid’s The Wellness Project who gives you a great overview on IBS and how to live it). Living with IBS means you have to be careful of what you eat, and you have to cut a lot of foods from your daily diet.

However, Dr Sue Shepherd’s new book Low-FODMAP Recipes is a gift for IBS sufferers – a straight forward, easy to use recipe book perfect for those with sensitive systems.


The Low-FODMAP diet was designed by Dr Shepherd in 1999, and it is now recommended by doctors worldwide as a treatment for IBS. She determined that IBS was triggered by FODMAP – a group of naturally occurring sugars found in foods that the small bowel cannot absorb, so she structured her plan around it. The new cookbook is a collection of 150 easy and delicious recipes all free of FODMAP foods.

FODMAP foods aren’t just good for IBS sufferers, they’re good for everyone – and Celiac’s will love the options too. So many sufferers from IBS or gluten intolerance feel like they miss out on the foods they loved, but this book helps to counter that with some many mouth watering recipes.

The book is split into four main sections – Starters and Light Meals, Mains, Desserts and most impressively Baking. Dr Shepherd’s recipes are impressively normal – frittatas and muffins and tasty wholesome mains.

Our only disappointment with the book is that from our understanding, most people who are gluten intolerant (particularly celiacs) are also sugar intolerant so we don’t understand why she promotes the use of sugars in her recipes. We’d love to see healthier alternatives and fewer fructose laden sweets, stevia is our personal sugar replacement, it’s natural and has no fructose.

Available now: Penguin RRP$35.00


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