Book Review: What’s Left of Me, Kat Zhang

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Eva and Addie are twins, but not twins as we know them today. They’re soul twins. Two souls born into the same body and coexisting in harmony. Except one of them was meant to die when they were young. After years of specialist visits and questions of why aren’t they settling? Eva and Addie’s parents believe that Eva is gone, and Eva and Addie is just Addie. Except Eva is still there. Hiding in the shadows, watching, experiencing, yet unknown by all except her sister.

And then eccentric Hally starts following them, and they realize that she has a secret too. Hally is not just Hally, she’s Hally and Lissa. And for the first time Eva has hope that one day she too can.


Set in a parallel contemporary world where everyone is born with two souls, “What’s Left Of Me” is a compelling look at identity, and the role of government and society in shaping that identity. In this America, Hybrids – or those souls that didn’t settle – are considered to be a national danger. The country is closed off to the rest of the world, claiming that the earth is covered in destruction caused by rampant Hybrids. But as Eva and Addie dig deeper into the idea of truth, they discover that maybe the wide world isn’t as scary as they’ve always been lead to believe.

“What’s Left Of Me” is narrated by Eva, giving the story an additional gripping edge. We’re in their head, but as Eva gains independence, we get to see her struggles, and her desire to live part of the life she’s trapped in. I think it would have been interesting to occasionally hear from Addie, other than just her mind conversations with Eva, but the book is the first in a potential series so there’s still time.

What I loved about this novel was that it contained elements of sci-fi, but managed to keep enough of a foot in the realistic YA genre that it will please fans of all genres. With interesting characters, a well built story-line, and an ending that answers questions while leaving you wanting more, I definitely recommend you pick up a copy of “What’s Left Of Me” as soon as you can.

Available now: HarperCollins RRP$19.99


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