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L’Occitane have had a long history of providing quality beauty products to the world, but so very few people know L’Occitane’s history of philanthropy and support. In the early 1980s, the founder of L’Occitane met with the women of Burkina Faso, where he was introduced to shea butter, an ingredient that would later become a quintessential foundation to his products. Following that L’Occitane developed a substainable shea butter industry, supporting the economy and the women of Burkina Faso.

The deeds of L’Occitane have had an immeasurable impact on these women – they purchase the shea butter at a fair price, which covers production, environmental and social costs as well as leaving enough money to invest and develop the process. During the dry period when they cannot produce shea butter, the L’Occitane Foundation then steps in to help the women by supporting them and developing literacy centres and microcredit programs.


Today, L’Occitane are releasing a new collection of shea butter based products to celebrate the women of Burkina Faso and their traditions of story-telling and basket weaving, the Fortune Flowers Collection.

First they have created the limited edition Ultra Rich Body Creams (RRP $32), lush with the scents of West Africa. The thick, super-hydrating creams are available in three scents. Each scent is inspired by a popular folk tale which tells the story of three fortune flowers with magical properties. Rose Petals is the first scent – which blends classic rose with the mouth-watering hint of candied almonds. There is also Date Bouquet, scented like the sweet, caramelised fruit and Mango Flower, a zesty and fresh scent straight from the plains of Burkina Faso. The tins are decorated to pay homage to the basket weaving tradition with bright, striking woven patterns.

In the same scents, L’Occitane have released their cult favourite Shea Butter Hand Cream (RRP $12 for 30ml/RRP $39 for 150ml) and an organic lip balm (RRP $14). As always the hand cream is thick, creamy and soft, blending effortlessly into the hands for instant hydration. The lip balm has a soft, dense consistency but feels wonderful on the lips and would look lovely on its own or laid over a vibrant colour.


If you’re loving the good vibes that comes from buying into sustainable beauty, you’ll also love L’Occitane’s Solidarity Fundraising Soap (RRP $3). By buying a rose-scented soap, you’ll help to support the L’Occitane Foundation’s battle on preventable blindness.

The limited edition products are available now from L’Occitane boutiques and selected department stores as well as L’Occitane’s website:

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