Hugo Boss Challenges Your Boundaries with the Release of Hugo Red Men’s Fragrance

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Hugo Boss celebrate their 20th anniversary of being at the forefront of men’s fashion and have just released Hugo Red, a curiously conflicting fragrance for the man who is looking for something new and features Jared Leto as the face of the campaign.

“I think creativity and pushing boundaries go hand in hand, and originality comes from individuals who are willing to take chances, to bet on themselves” shares Jared.


Red is the colour of conflict, the colour of challenge. Red is inspiring, calling for you to break through boundaries and keep changing:

“People sometimes think of pressure as having negative connotations, but I think it can be a great motivator to take control and define who you are. When you face a challenge, it’s important to keep pushing yourself so you can learn and grow and I always feel glad I did when I come out the other side.” – Jared Leto

The fragrance itself pushes the boundaries of traditional men’s fragrances. Inspired by the parallels in how hot and cold metal behave, the fragrance is filled with contrasting ingredients, swinging the tension between hot and cold to energize the wearer and all those around him. To support this, the scent is split into two contrasting accords, which compete on the wearer’s skin.

Solid Chill blends the scent of grapefruit with the bright heart of rhubarb. The combination is surprisingly bitter and creates a core of solid, cool metal. This plays off against Liquid Heat, which combines dry and warm cedarwood and amber to create a languid and sensual fragrance, reminiscent of soft and fluid, red-hot metal.

Together, the two accords blend to create a unique and entrancing fragrance that while bright and sparky, is still inherently masculine. It’s a nice, refreshing change from the typical rugged men’s fragrances on the market.


Available now in two sizes 75ml (RRP $83) and 150ml (RRP $117) nationally at Myer and David Jones. For your nearest stockist you can call 02-9695 5678.

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