DVD Review: The Paradise

| 27 March , 2013 | Reply

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Do you never miss an episode of Downtown Abby? Do you daydream of corsets and carriages? Are you craving a little period drama in your life?

If that sounds like you, you’re going to love the new BBC drama, The Paradise. Set in the romantically odd 1870s, the show follows the story of The Paradise, a bustling department store struggling to stay afloat. Amongst the wealthy women swanning through the store, the staff struggle with tension and mystery and lust. The series opens with Denise, a small town girl who has come to work for her uncle, a dress maker in a nearby store. He doesn’t have work for her, but The Paradise, her uncle’s greatest competitor, is still hiring.


Denise takes the job and quickly finds herself entangled in this upmarket world, thriving as a shop girl who knows how to make a sale. From marriage scandals, to temper tantrums, Denise learns to navigate both the picky patrons of the store, but the judgmental and watchful eye of her colleagues.

If those scandals weren’t enough, the rest of the cast are embroiled in subplots that simmer quietly – tension between the shop owners in this economic downturn, secret children and the pressure to marry and settle down.

The story is masterfully created, and once you’ve got your head around all the characters, you’ll truly fall in love with this syrupy ensemble drama. The plots certainly aren’t brain bending, but if you’re looking for some lighthearted, soapy viewing on a Sunday afternoon, this is the perfect choice.

Available now: DVD RRP$39.95 (Eps 8)


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