Christina Hendricks is Sunshine Bright for Flare Magazine’s May 2013 Issue

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Christina Hendricks is Flare Magazine’s May 2013 cover girl as photographed by Max Abadian, styled by Lawren Sample wearing a bright yellow Stella McCartney dress on the cover.


Inside Christina talks Mad Men’s Joan, being anxious, rejections and her ‘other dream’ life:

On Being Anxious:  Always, yes. You don’t want to disappoint the people who have put their trust in you. I take it very seriously. I keep myself up at night with worry and excitement and being unsure. I’ve worked in television for so long that those people are a family to me, and I know what to expect when I show up and I know who’s going to be there, but every time you do a film it’s like the first day of school. You don’t know what the kids are going to be like; you don’t know what your environment is going to be like. The first-day jitters that everyone gets last a little longer for me.  I tend to hold my breath and run toward it because it’s all I can do. It’s the only option. I remember when I moved to New York for the first time, or when I moved to Los Angeles for the first time, it was: this is terrifying, but not doing it is more terrifying.”

On Joan: I feel like I know her so well now. In the beginning, a script would come out and I’d think, Oh! So Joan’s the kind of person who would do that. Interesting. I don’t know if I like Joan! In the first season we saw this bossy, gossipy, sassy girl who is now all of those things but is also more sensitive and has gotten knocked down and gotten back up again, has friends and lovers and has a child and has an ex-husband, and she’s just many more things so she’s even more fun to play.”

On What Joan Has Taught Her & What She’d Teach Joan:  Definitely about having more confidence and trusting your decisions—and about pencil skirts, which I now have, like, 75 of. I was like, why didn’t I know about this skirt before!  Joan needs to have more of a sense of humour and allow herself to be more silly. Let her hair down.”

On Rejection:  I’ve been to a million auditions and have been rejected a million times, it’s something that I’m used to. You’re either right for it or you’re not right for it. You could leave thinking you had the best audition in the world and they say you don’t look like the person I imagined. It has nothing to do with your talent. Someone could have just broken up with a redhead the other day and not want to hire me.”

On Her Other Dream: I always wanted to be a florist. Unless you’re buying flowers for a funeral, you’re only going in there for a pretty happy reason. In fact after the first season of Mad Men, I worked at a florist. We had shot the pilot and it hadn’t aired yet. We had to wait a year to shoot because Matthew Weiner was finishing The Sopranos. And all these actors that I’d worked with would come in and say, “Oh…Everything OK?” And I said “No! I’ve just always wanted to work at a florist.” And they would say, “OK, can you help me pick out a bouquet?” And I’d be like, “I’ll make you one!” I’ve always been pretty good at it. I love a peony, I love a delphinium, I like garden-style flowers, less formal, I like something with a berry. An English-garden kind of situation.”


Watch Christina behind the scenes on her photoshoot:

For more of Christina’s interview and see more of her inside editorial, you can visit Flare Magazine’s website.

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