Book Review: Notorious Nineteen – A Stephanie Plum Story, Janet Evanovich

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In her 19th numbered adventure, bounty-hunter Stephanie Plum is on the case of a millionaire-thief, a homeless man obsessed by a Tiki while protecting a bride from a psychotic ex-serviceman hell bent on chaos and death. Only slightly over the normal run-of-the-mill drama level for Janet Evanovich’s adrenalin-loving heroine.

When Geoffrey Cubbin steals millions from the most exclusive assisted living facility in Trenton, it isn’t just the furious octogenarian residents who want to find him. He’s skipped on his bail and it’s Stephanie’s job to find him and bring him to justice. Or else she can’t pay her rent this month. The problem is that he has disappeared without a trace, after being admitted to hospital for an emergency appendectomy and not even the security footage saw him go. The doctors and nurses are tight-lipped and Stephanie seems to hit nothing but dead ends.


Fortunately, she’s also babysitting a Hawaiian Tiki purloined from a dazed homeless man as bail bait and being an impromptu security guard / bridesmaid at a wedding where both the bride and groom are receiving death threats. So there’s plenty to occupy her this week.

Stephanie Plum is Janet Evanovich’s internationally best-selling bounty hunter. She’s an independent, feisty thirsty-something woman who bends the rules to get the job done and loves her work. She has a willingly complicated love life split between the good-choice guy and the bad-idea guy and enjoying the perks of both. Working with her in the Bounty Agency are a comedic cast of characters who balance the gun fights, break-ins and exploding cars.

Believable crime-fiction this might not be, but is it fun and silly and contains a little bit of everything from gun-fights to fried chicken and a nice bit of steamy romance.  This is the first time I’ve read a Stephanie Plum story so I cannot tell you how it compares to the 18 adventures that came before it, but as a first time reader I speed through it easily and with enjoyment. A sparky chick-lit version of the detective story.

Available now: Hachette RRP$32.99


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