Film Review: Escape from Planet Earth 3D

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Directed by: Cal Brunker
Starring: Brendan Fraser, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba, Ricky Gerbais, Rob Corddry, Sofia Vergara, William Shatner, George Lopez, Jane Lynch
Sassi’s Star Rating: 3.5 / 5

Cal Brunker, Director/Writer, is the Director and this ‘aint his first film. He’s worked on Ice Age, Despicable Me and Jonah Hex in differing roles. So this is a big one for him and a successful one at that.


Scorch Supernova (Fraser) is an astronaut. That’s right. What could be better than an astronaut? Certainly not Gary Supernova (Corddry) Scorch’s not so famous, nerdy brother who works in Mission Control. Gary and Scorch couldn’t be more different yet they work as a team on a daily basis finding new planets and scouring the ends of space. Scorch is the fun uncle to Gary’s son on planet Baab. He is adored and admired by all and a superstar in his own right. They don’t agree on anything and that’s what sets up the storyline.


An SOS is sent from an alien planet that is notorious for being incredibly dangerous with a track record of having no aliens return from missions. It’s planet Earth and the duo are asked to respond. Gary, the ever-careful reflector, wants to work on a plan and Scorch, the diehard enthusiast is ready to go! With the two of them at opposite ends of the scale, it’s a recipe for disaster. Not only their skills will be tested but their relationship as brothers will be stretched to the limit.


Who knew Earth would be considered dangerous by aliens? It’s a fabulous look from their point of view about what might scare them about us. Kids will enjoy the alien aspect and space travel and, of course, the drama and intrigue. There’s lots of fun parts that the kids will love and the ever-present adult laughs will keep you all going as a family.


In a bizarre twist, William Shatner has added his name to this film as the bad guy, on Earth. After much space travel in Star Trek, he appears in this film as the greedy profiteer and lying cad on the Internet dating scene, General Shanker.

The school holidays are coming up, so this is a great one to take the whole family along to enjoy some of the most famous actors offering their voices up for animation. It’s big business these days and we are all eating it up.


Escape from your couch at home, get the kids and see it in cinemas now.


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