Book Review: The Game, A.K. Shevchenko

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It has been 25 years since four school friends played ‘the game’. On that occasion, their game resulted in a tragic death. This time, the results will be no less dramatic. Summoned by their enigmatic leader Tony, four people who have nothing in common except the game gather together to play it one last time.

The Game is narrated by each of the four players as they travel across the world to fulfil the tasks set for them by Tony. Alex travels to New York, Levi to Odessa and Jonty to Strasbourg to pull strings and find documents that will change the course of world history.


As Shevchenko takes you into the voice of each player, you learn their life story; where they are now, why they let themselves become involved and how they met Tony, the mysterious figure who seems to live for the plan, the mystery and the game. Tony is the undisputed leader of the group and has been since he hand-picked them to be friends back in their school days. Tony is one of those people with enough charisma, not to mention money and self-confidence, to make any person attend to their will.

The Game is a political history thriller and a story about individuals who live for something out of the ordinary run of their lives.

Available now: Hachette RRP$32.99


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