Estée Lauder’s Limited Edition David Jones 175th Anniversary Youth Dew Fragrance

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Are you feeling nostalgic? Do you sometimes feel sentimental when someone breezes past you and you catch a whiff of your mother’s favourite perfume? If that’s the case, you’re bound to adore the special release of Estée Lauder’s most classic fragrances, Youth Dew, celebrating David Jones‘ 175th Anniversary.

Estée Lauder’s introduction of Youth-Dew bath oil took the fragrance industry by storm and in its early days it was described as one of the sexiest fragrances ever. Women flocked to stores to buy bottles and perfumers all around the world scrambled to recreate similarly sultry Oriental scents. To celebrate Estée Lauder are releasing a Limited Edition Youth-Dew Anniversary Bottle. The Limited Edition Bottle features a luxurious crystal encrusted, golden metalized bow for the perfect touch of elegance, seriously it’s glamboyantly gorgeous and oh so elegant!


The development of Youth-Dew began with an exclusive scent that was created by Mrs Lauder’s uncle for a Russian princess. Mrs. Lauder purchased essences to rework the fragrance until it matched her vision of a sensual, modern woman. After months of experimenting, she was not only thrilled with the outcome, but also discovered that Youth-Dew’s sweet, warm, diffusive scent, easily intermingled with flesh and water – lending it to double as both a bath oil and a skin perfume.

At a time when fragrance was only given to women as a gift, and reserved exclusively for special occasions, many women waited for a loved one to present them with a bottle of perfume. As a visionary ahead of her time, Mrs. Lauder jettisoned this notion and set out to convince women to think about fragrance in a completely different way, providing them with the perceived permission to not only buy fragrance for themselves, but to use it lavishly. Positioning Youth-Dew as a bath oil that doubled as a perfume made it acceptable for women to choose and purchase their own fragrance, as bath oils were widely viewed as a personal, feminine product – a small luxury that, like a lipstick, women could purchase for themselves.

Youth_Dew_60th_Anniversary_Limited_Edition_bottleIf you haven’t encountered Youth Dew, the fragrance opens with a heady blend of Bulgarian Rose, jonquil and lavender blossoms which then opens into smoky jasmine, exotic spices and ylang ylang. This then settles into an opulent melange of woody patchouli, vetiver and sandalwood. Together, the fragrance is truly distinctive and more than a little cloying, but not in a heavy way it is oh so elegant and scentalicious as the notes layer down onto your skin, stepping you back in time to another era of ladylike sensuality.

Available now RRP$100 for 67ml bottle exclusively at David Jones nationwide and online at and, for your nearest stockist you can call 1800 061 326.

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