Book Review: It’s All Good, Gwyneth Paltrow

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In the past few weeks, everyone has been talking about Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook, It’s All Good. What was meant to be just a simple cookbook focused on eating well in a sea of processed food that has now been turned into a media frenzy as people got their hands on the highly anticipated book. We took a look at the book, to see what all the fuss was about.

It’s All Good is a collection of recipes Gwyneth has come to rely on after she reached a point of her life where she was rundown and overcome with exhaustion. Deficient in Vitamin D, and with high adrenal levels her doctor recommended an elimination diet, kissing goodbye to many of what we consider staples in the modern diet – caffeine, dairy, sugar, gluten and soy.


As such, Gwyneth took her love of cooking and food, and changed her outlook, learning how to best take care of herself. The book is a collection of some of her favourite recipes that she and her family love, the recipes all use fresh, delicious ingredients bursting with nutrition, taking us back to our roots on what food is supposed to be about, love and nourishment.

Despite the “scandal“, the book is a wonderful addition to your cookbook collection. She divides the book into easy to use sections making it easy to find the recipe you’re searching for. She has dedicated one entire chapter to stocking your pantry with healthy wholesome ingredients and how to best prepare them.

The recipes are all genuinely hearty meals that the whole family would love like Thai Style Chicken Burgers and mouth watering Fish Fingers. Many of the recipes are plant based, so you can feed the fussiest of eaters without much difficulty.

And for those pressed for time and creativity, you’re bound to enjoy the meal plans at the back of the book. Gwyneth has structured meal plans with all your meals and snacks, using only the recipes in the book, with different structures depending on your needs – Vegan, Detoxing or even just regular family meals.

We honestly don’t see why the media got into such a fuss about the book – the recipes are wholesome, clean and healthy recipes that only encourage you to make some changes to your diet for the better and of course you don’t have to use the brands she recommends (most of them aren’t available here), you can choose less expensive versions (read about the hooha here), at least she’s open and honest about what she uses. And our only other recommendation is if you are fructose free, replace maple syrup with organic rice malt syrup, we use Pure Harvest, readily available in Coles and we don’t eat Soy and there’s a bit of soy in the book, but Gwyneth also mentions that eaten in it’s purest form it’s okay to have as part of your diet. Once again, it comes down to what is best for you and your body and when you’ve detoxed, you know what your body likes and doesn’t like!

We’re all for clean living and any help we can get from any corner, we’re there!

Sarah Wilson has been able to post a few recipes on her blog, you can check them out here and see for yourself!

Available now: Hachette RRP$39.99

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