Film Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

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Directed by: JJ Abrams
Starring: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Benedict Cumberbatch, Simon Pegg, Anton Yelchin, Karl Urban
Sassi’s Star Rating: 5 / 5

Ladies, you read that right. 5/5! I LOVED this film. It was fantastic. I do have a liking for science fiction, but this was a little more special. J. J. Abrams had mentioned he had tried something new in this film and he was right! If you get the chance, then go 3D for this one, it’s got a little more than your usual 3D film with the use of new filming techniques on the big screen. It may have been new to Abrams but he certainly pulled through with this one. The effects are brilliant and extremely life like, more than any 3D I have seen in the last few years.


Our hero Captain Kirk (Pine) is back on the Enterprise after his last successful mission with his trusty Spock (Quinto) at his side. The crew are in search of new worlds when they unexpectedly return with Captain Kirk nearly off the brig yet again. Trouble seems to follow him around and whilst the fans know that one day he must get better, it’s a chance to see what mistakes he makes as a officer moving up the ranks. William Shatner has definitely created a formidable character over the years and Chris Pine does a good job of shaping up as the younger version.


But we can’t just have fun without some good vs evil in the centre of it all. Khan (Cumberbatch) is introduced as a tough competitor working against Star Fleet. His abilities are of high importance and our favourite doctor (Urban) also known as Bones gets a look in this film as well. Khan seems to possess something of interest to all and a web of intrigue is built around this mysterious character. The most difficult part of any Star Trek initiative is understanding that the plot line must match all the thousands of stories out there in time… and space! How do you keep up? Abrams gives it all he’s got!


What ensues is an absolute masterpiece of action! I am talking brilliantly filmed flying scenes interspersed with explosions, complex flight manoeuvres and a story line that just kept the audience from the very first moment to move at warp speed. The only time I took my eyes from the screen was to look at my friend and smile with excitement. We both felt the same way throughout and it was exhilarating. I’m not sure whether it was the 3D aspect or the fast moving pace of it all, but I tell you, I am hooked. Abrams is doing the next Star Trek and Star Wars VII – I will be there in the front row for these babies if this movie is anything to go by!


Superb casting also helps with a familiar nod from Leonard Nimoy as well as the young ones proving to be every bit worth the entry price. Unlike the Star Trek series, both the first Star Trek and this one have bumped it up in the humour stakes, which is fantastic for old and new fans alike. Spock’s Vulcan traits are so well developed and make for a lot of punch lines in the film that come with ease and definitely enhance the experience. I would have to say that he was my stand out favourite in the film for so many reasons.

Girls, I know, you’re thinking I am crazy to love this film so much, but go see it with your man because you will love it. It has a bit of everything thrown in along with some truly amazing cinematography. There’s more than you think in this movie and whilst I would love to tell you why, you’ll just have to get along and see it for yourself!

Get Scottie to beam you in to see Star Trek in cinemas now.


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