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Paw Paw lotion has become something of an Australian girl’s staple – tubs of it used to slather onto scratches and burns and pesky mosquito burns, the tropical fruit has found its home in our medicine cabinets.

Paw Paw is nature’s moisturiser – it nourishes and heals the skin with its incredible healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Papaya seed oil helps to gently exfoliate the skin, while the flesh of the fruit is packed with Omega six and Vitamins A and C.

And Nature’s Care have just released a whole slew of exciting paw paw based products.


Nature’s Care Balm (100g RRP$7.51 and 30g RRP $3.99) is made from a blend of the hydrating super heroes Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Beeswax, with the real Paw Paw extract. Not only will the balm nourish and replenish dehydrating skin, it will assist in regenerating skills – meaning it will help to prevent scars for any of your bumps or bruises.

Nature’s Care Shampoo and Body Wash (500mL RRP$9.66) is a gentle all over wash is 100 per cent soap free and pH balanced and made with naturally derived surfactants, so it cleans delicate skin without overdrying.

The range also includes a fabulous lip balm (10gm RRP $2.99) which helps to prevent chapping – a must have in this sudden cold weather. The moisturising natural oils – sunflower and castor oils – work together with paw paw to gently exfoliate the lips and deeply hydrated. The lip balm also leaves a pretty sheen on the lips that would look lovely alone, or over a trendy shade.

The range is available from Woolworths and Priceline.

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