Get Your Vitamin Boosted Sparkling Water Bubbles on with Sodastream’s Source

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Sodastream is making its comeback as the must have gadget for the kitchen and we’ve decided to test it out from a natural perspective as we take a step back in time with the updated, sleek and modern version to put fizzy goodness back into our water.

As you know we don’t drink soft drinks here but we are water addicts so when the offer came through to test out the newest addition to the Sodastream family, the Sodastream Source, we had to give it a whirl and see if we could add some natural yumminess to our love of water the natural way.


Setting the system up is fairly easy to begin with – clip the gas tank in place and away you go. For newbies to the process, it can seem a little daunting, especially with all the racket it makes as you carbonate the water.

That being said, once you get the hang of it, it’s surprisingly simple – fill the bottle with water, clip the bottle in place and press down until it’s carbonated enough for you. And like that, you’ve got sparkling water.

The fun doesn’t end there – you can make a whole host of different drinks with this soda water. You can purchase the traditional flavours – classic cola, ginger beer and even a range of cheeky virgin cocktails. We’ve spoken before about how we like to keep things sugar free and as natural as possible – so we think it’s great that there’s also a whole range of sugar free options for you to choose from as well.


For us, we hit the garden to see what we could add to our newly sparkled water. You are only limited by your creativity with what flavours you can use; try some lemon or lime juice (or slices), frozen berries, fresh mint or ginger or get really creative and combine them. To get the best flavour, we recommend you leave them in the fridge overnight so the natural flavours slowly steep out into your water. Here are some more ideas:

  • Sliced Mangos, Peaches or Passionfruit
  • Lavender
  • Cucumber & Lime
  • Ginger
  • Basil
  • Chlorophyll (a staple daily drink in our routine)
  • Kiwi fruit
  • Sliced orange
  • Watermelon


The system does require an initial investment – there’s the machine, the gas tank and the flavours that you want to try. The best thing is there’s a number of different machines available with a range of price points. We tried and loved Source (RRP$169.95), and includes all of the above and is available exclusively from Myer. It comes in five colours that are the perfect splash of colour for your kitchen benchtop.

Depending on how often you use the system, you’ll also need to replace the gas tank over time. The gas tanks can get costly – a 60L cylinder has an RRP$49.95, but SodaStream reward you for exchanging or refilling your tank, by rebating part of the price.

As an FYI, there’s also a new range of Night Spirit Cocktail flavours you can try, check them out here and excitingly some Sugar Free options using our sweetener of choice, Stevia, you can find them here.

And I love these creative options for some “Vitamin Water” over at The Wellness Warrior here.

SodaStream is stocked nationally look for them in Kmart, Myer, Big W, Harvey Norman or any homeware and electrical store or visit Soda Stream’s website:

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