Get Cooking with these New Fast & Fruity Pouches of Fruit Goodness

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Freshfields are releasing a new range of fruitalicious way of eating and cooking with fruit in any easy to use kinda way, introducing Fast & Fruity Pouches.  The new all-natural fruit pouches are a handy way of including more fruit in your everyday in a simple easy way.

The new pouches are pourable, made up of real and chunky fruit with no added sugar, no preservatives, sulphites or sodium and are gluten free.  Now nothing beats a whole piece of fruit but in our fast paced daily lives we sometimes need a bit of help, the new pouches are perfect as a quick and easy breakky topping or ingredient in your smoothies, or any baking you might do.


The pouches come in 500gm packs (RRP$4.59) and are conveniently resealable, but you do need to use them within five days after opening.  They come in three flavours; Golden Peaches with a hint of vanilla, Berry & Apple and Tropical Fruits & Apple.


Nothing beats whole fresh fruit but we agree sometimes a little bit of helping hand convenience wise is needed.  We’ve checked out the ingredients list and all pouches are made up of fruit pieces/puree, the only ingredient that’s not full fruit is the pear, that is substituted as a concentrate but it’s towards the bottom of the ingredient list so it’s not making up majority of the ingredients. The only other consideration is I’m sure they will have gone through a heating process which will reduce the nutritional goodness of the fruit but if you struggle with adding fruit to your day sometimes this can be a good substitute on occasion. I’m taking a pouch with me for my trip away for my smoothies as I’m staying with friends and I don’t want to take up too much space in their kitchen!

I’ve listed a couple of recipes below in case you feel inspired to do some cooking using the new pouches:

Berry-Licious Breakky


  • Fast & Fruity Berry Pouch (just use however much you like to match your taste buds)
  • Yoghurt (we use Jalna Biodynamic Organic Plain Yoghurt)
  • Cereal or Muesli of your choice (we use our Sarah Wilson coco-nutty granola – get the recipe here)


Just add your museli or cereal to the bottom of  your bowl (or use a mason jar and lid for on the run), add the yoghurt next and then a dollop of the Berry Pouch – it should last you the week.

And this one is for the kids, but adults would be impartial to it as well.


Fast & Fruity Fruit Ice Blocks


1 x 500gm pouch of Fast & Fruity (choose whatever flavour you want or mix them up).


  • For mixed flavours, pour the first flavour of F&F into the base of 6-8 ice block moulds, and freeze for 1 hour.
  • Then add the second flavour evenly to the moulds, and freeze until frozen and ready to eat.
  • Lastly finish filling the moulds evenly with yoghurt. Add the sticks or lids
  • Freeze for 2 hours before eating.
  • 2 x 500gm packs of fruit makes 8-10 ice blocks

Tip: to remove ice blocks from moulds, quickly run the mould under warm water and ice blocks will slide out.


Fast & Fruity will be available in Coles stores nationally from May 29th in the canned fruit isle.

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