Book Review: Love With a Chance of Drowning, Torre DeRoche

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Love makes us all do crazy things – sit by the phone, spend hours preening in front of a mirror, go well and truly beyond our comfort zones for a date. But Torre DeRoche understands the importance of doing something a little crazy every once in a while, and the joy that can come with leaping before you look.

Torre DeRoche’s memoir is gorgeous – warm, genuinely funny, and heart meltingly sweet. She was once just a city girl, with a genuine and paralysing fear of the water. Beach holidays for her would mean lying on the sand, because there was no way of getting her into the ocean.


And along came Ivan. Ivan was perfect – handsome, Argentinian and filled with humble and hopeful dreams. About sailboats. Ivan wanted to explore the world in his sailboat – take to the seas and discover the world around him. And he wanted to take Torre with him.

Torre is suddenly faced with a hard decision – watch Ivan drift out of her life forever, of jump on board and take to the seas. In the face of life without Ivan, Torre straps on her life vest and gives up her sophisticated city life to join him on a two year journey across the Pacific.

Love With A Chance of Drowning is fantastic. There are some awesome laugh out loud moments, as Torre grapples with seasickness, and the knowledge that she’s signed up for 2 years on the ocean. The story is so human – the rockiness of a new relationship, learning to shift and adapt to the person in your life, even while set against some of the most extreme circumstances possible. Nothing tests a new relationship like sharing tiny, seaborne quarters.

Torre’s story is inspiring and proves that some risks are worth taking, especially when we’re taking them for love.

Available now: Penguin RRP$29.99


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