Book Review: Tuesday’s Gone, Nicci French

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Tuesday’s Gone, the sequel to Nicci French’s bestseller, Blue Monday, follows psychotherapist Frieda Klein as she aids the police in a murder investigation whilst continuing to deal with patients, friends and her own personal issues. Frieda manages to unravel the mystery, bit by bit, whilst dealing the police repeatedly knocking her back. It is only her persistence and ability to analyse people’s actions that sees the case solved.


In addition to dealing with the police, her own patients, the issues of friends and her personal troubles, Frieda fears there may be a murderer and kidnapper from a past investigation watching her. He haunts her dreams, the repercussions of her actions and her involvement in the investigation repeatedly and mercilessly attack her. Frieda’s paranoia results in further investigation into any possible leads and takes her down unexpected roads. A mental patient caring for a dead body, a con artist, a lawyer, a girl with a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome and so many more interesting, intriguing characters makes for a brilliant read, with unexpected developments sneaking up on you at every turn!

French’s attention to detail creates an interesting myriad of characters, delving deep into London’s rich history through Frieda’s dialogue to create the perfect backdrop and mental setting for the novel, whilst providing further explanation of the unravelling story. Tuesday’s Gone was a fantastic read that left me reading well into the night and desperate for more French novels. A must-read for any crime lover.

Available now: Penguin RRP$29.99


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