Book Review: The Beauty Detox Foods, Kimberly Snyder

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You don’t need to be a Hollywood Star to have the “Hollywood Glow,” of good health, it’s about enhancing your best qualities alongside a holistic approach to nourishing yourself inside and out. Hollywood nutritionist Kimberly Snyder has released her second book, The Beauty Detox Foods, to help you reveal a more ‘beautiful you.’

Snyder is one of Hollwood’s top celebrity nutritionists and after years of travelling around the world researching traditional beauty practices, she has created her own solution for natural beauty as our bodies intended.

Beauty Detox Foods Kimberly Snyder

I love Kimberly’s message – that beauty comes from within, that the true picture of beauty is perfect health and her the Beauty Detox Foods book sticks to this message throughout.

The book is gorgeous – there is so much information that you could spend hours poring over the book, learning how to best feed yourself for optimal health and beauty. She suggests a plant based diet, with no diary, and fewer animal products but she does factor in the potential to include some meat and fish into your diet as we don’t all want to be vegetarians – me especially!  She also recommends eating good saturated fats in moderation, which as you know from reading here, I’m a big fan of saturated fats, so do what I do and incorporate what works best for you as we are all different.

Kimberly’s hero product to incorporate into your daily life is her Glowing Green Smoothie or Juice made up of an abundance of nutrient rich greens that helps get you glowing from the inside.

Kimberly breaks the book down into three key parts; Beauty Detox 101, Beauty Detox Foods and Beauty Detox Recipes.  The first section focuses on your health first, and the functions in the body that when not functioning properly lead to dry skin, dull eyes and sluggish systems. She teaches you how to eat your food to optimise digestion which help your body function the way it was intended.   The second section is broken down into Beautiful Skin, Beautiful Hair, Beautiful Eyes, Beautiful Body and Inner Glow, so you can incorporate key ingredients into your life if you are lacking something particular such as weak nails.

The recipes are located at the back of the book and are so incredibly inspiring with their abundance of nutritional goodness. The mouth watering recipes are broken down into categories which show you how easy it is to add nutritional goodness to the way you eat every day. Even if you’re not vegetarian, you can use them as inspiration for pairing with your favourite meat products, but I’m inspired to have some meals without meat!

Many of Kimberly’s principles may not be for everyone, but Beauty Detox Foods is incredibly informative, it is definitely is well worth the read, and you will surely take away something from the book, even if it’s just adding the Glowing Green Smoothie or Juice to your daily routine but I think you will keep this one handy and keep referring back to you, because we can never have enough nutritional goodness in our lives.

You can also check out our previous story on Kimberly’s first book The Beauty Detox Solution here.

Available now: Harlequin RRP$24.99.

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