Book Review: The Honest Life, Jessica Alba

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You know those people who just seem to have it all together – always perfectly manicured, with a ‘perfect’ home, living consciously and has something delicious and perfectly nutritious baking in the oven at all times? Well Jessica Alba calls that living the Honest Life and believes that we can all do it with just a little bit of her help. But let’s be clear, it’s not the ‘perfect’ life, there’s no such thing, but she seems to have found the ‘perfect’ way to balance her life and live it honestly and that includes dealing with the ups and downs of life in a practical way and being okay with life being not so perfect.

The Honest Life is a comprehensive glossy, how-to guide to life compiled by actress, activist and entrepreneur Jessica Alba. She inspires you to make affordable, healthy and non-toxic choices for you and your family in her debut book and seriously, expect to be inspired, it’s written so ‘perfectly’, so honestly and so practically and you will read it cover to cover and refer to it again and again – I literally read it cover to cover, I didn’t want to miss a thing!


Jessica divides the book into sections; Honest Food, Honest Clean, Honest Beauty, Honest Style, Honest Home, Honest Baby and Honest Inspiration. Easy to read in bite sized chunks and yes Jessica talks about her own brands she created under The Honest Company (sadly doesn’t deliver to Australia just yet) but she peppers the book with recommendations for other brands.  Each chapter breaks down important principles of the topic – in the beauty section she discusses essential hair care, while in the entertaining chapter she give perfect quick tips to keeping up appearances honestly.

The book is absolutely gorgeous, filled with stunning photos of Jessica and her family, providing little snippets of insight into her life.  I swear you will read it cover to cover and refer back to it as you start adding new ways of non-toxic living to your daily life.  It can be overwhelming when you start to realise just how many harmful chemicals we come in contact with every day but Jessica does simplify it for you with her little changes and the big difference they can make to your life.

It definitely is an easy read and it feels like you are sitting on the sofa having tea with Jess as you discuss living a more honest life.  Her passion for this life is evident and inspiring. She advocates that being eco-friendly doesn’t mean you have to give up everything fabulous in life, it’s just about making better choices, ones that are better for you and your family. I love how she also admits to her own vices and sees honest living as a guide for trying to live well, it’s not about trying to be perfect.

Check out this video of Jessica and her family living their ‘honest life’, so adorable:

If you want to be inspired by an Aussie Chick living an “honest life,” I can’t recommend my gorgeous friend Irene Falcone from Nourished Life enough, she’s done all the hard yards in figuring out what brands are the good to use to detox your life and you can order it all from  her website and if anyone’s going to be the first to sell Honest products, it will be Irene.

This book is definitely not a how-to guide to get creating a picture-perfect life, it just doesn’t exist, but you can create the best life you can for you and your family.

Available now: Pan MacMillian RRP$26.99 (be warned it’s out of stock but a new print run is underway)

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