Book Review: The Secret of Life Wellness, Inna Segal + How to Find Your Soul Mate

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Inna Segal is an internationally recognized healer, professional speaker, author, and television host and her latest book, The Secret of Life Wellness, The Essential Guide to Life’s Big Questions, has been released. Inna is the bestselling author of my favourite must have, don’t leave home without it book, The Secret Language of Your Body (read my review here).

The Secret of Life Wellness goes beyond physical healing and looks at the holistic approach to being well on every level.  Inna answers 21 of life’s biggest questions from losing weight to raising confident children to dealing with depression and loss. The book includes real-life examples and practical exercises that are easy to integrate into your daily life. Don’t know what Chakra’s are, this book tells you.  Don’t know what your Soul journey is, Inna helps you unfold this little mystery!

The Secret of Life Wellness Inna Segal

This book is a great basic approach to holistically healing your life, it will allow you to gently explore life’s challenges as and when you need them. You don’t need to read it from front-to-back, just tune into what you’re needing to know right now. You’ll find a wealth of information to help guide you on your journey.

With the upcoming festive season just about upon us, I thought it apt to share some one Inna’s words around The Truth about Soul Mates – as Opposed to Hollywood Fantasy + How to Find Your Soul Mate(s).

The romanticized concept of a soul mate – where they are your ideal partner and lover or who, once you meet them, completes your life in exactly the way you have fantasized it to be – has caused many people a lot of suffering. This could be due to so many of us waiting for the “perfect” partner and / or feeling disappointed when we meet our soul mate, as it is very rare if ever that they are able to fulfil the projection of what we desire them to be.

Finding Your Soul Mate

There is no fool-proof process that can lead you to your twin soul or soul mates. However, the deeper you connect with your own heart and experience your own wholeness, the more likely you are to attract loving, caring, soulful beings into your life. When you are open and receptive to your inner guidance, you can connect to your soul mate before you encounter them in the physical life. For instance, you may start to have intense dreams about a person and feel your heart full of love even though you have not met them yet.

The Role of Soul Mates

The subject of soul mates is a fascinating one and has given occasion to many ideas, interpretations and fantasies. Certain people believe soul mates are people who challenge us the most, others believe they should be our perfect lovers, some feel they are missing parts of us and can come in a variety of forms, sizes, sexes, and ages.

Soul mates can offer us incredible support, growth, and opportunities to know ourselves more intimately, open our hearts, and lead fuller lives. From a lot of research and personal experience I have understood that we may have several soul mates that come in and out of our lives. At times, we meet and recognize them, and at other times, they pass us by. Sometimes the connection is short lived on this physical plane and at other times it is long-lasting.
In romantic relationships, soul mates can be great partners, as there is a lot of mutual understanding and deep love. Soul mates often feel a huge attraction to each other, and may experience, heightened intuition or deep insights about each other, especially when they are together. They can often tell when the other is thinking of them or when something wonderful or challenging has happened to their soul partner.

Unlike Hollywood Movies real relationships with a soul mate could be incredibly challenging particularly if it is a sexual or romantic connection. This is because soul mates can push every emotional button we have, exposing our most secret and unprocessed pain. If they are selfish and un-evolved, they can be virtually impossible to live with. We may feel a deep connection with a soul mate and be able to communicate on the soul level, but in a human body, the dynamic can be too explosive and painful.

On the other hand soul mates can offer essential support, be loyal friends and important teachers who can change the direction and flow of your life. Sometimes they can come into your life, make a big splash and leave. This can inspire a lot of soul-searching and strengthen your spiritual stamina.

How to Recognize a Soul Mate Connection – some suggestions:

  • There is a familiarity and a powerful connection to each other. You may feel like you have known each other forever.
  • It is likely that you have met through an unexpected or unusual set of circumstances.
  • Often, there are obstacles that may prevent you from being together; this could be from living in other places, having a partner, not having the same sexual preferences, being born in different cultures or having religious circumstances, and so forth.
  • When you are connected with that person, everything in life feels heightened, purer, clearer, bigger, and more profound.
  • You help melt each other’s resistance to love and open each other’s hearts, often touching parts which have been frozen or feel raw.

Process for Connecting with a Soul Mate

First, create a clear intention for connecting with your soul mate. Place your hands on your heart and focus on opening your heart to your soul mate. You may imagine the doors of your heart open to welcome your soul mate.

Take some slow deep breaths while focusing on your heart and soul energy.

Imagine that a powerful, golden ray of light enters through the top of your head, then moves into your heart, amplifying your intention to connect with this much-loved soul.

Say the following statement aloud, adding anything else you feel inspired to add.

Say: “I allow Love from my heart and soul to now flow toward the heart and soul of my soul mate and surround them with love, tenderness, gentleness, compassion and warmth. I ask that any hardships or challenges they may be experiencing be softened and resolved with ease and grace. If it is for the highest good of all I ask that our paths meet in the physical world and we recognize and support each other’s journey through life with our hearts and souls, with our whole being.  If we are not to meet in this physical world then I ask that we experience a deeply satisfying spiritual connection and assist each other. I also ask that any soul mates or beings who can assist me to grow, awaken the love, passion and sweetness in my heart and bring me joy and up-liftment, now be directed toward me.  Please give me clear and recognizable signs when a soul mate is in my vicinity. I am now ready to receive them with open arms and an open heart! Thank you.”

Repeat the word “CLEAR” several times until you feel lighter.

Inna Segal’s The Secret of Life Wellness book is available now (RRP$29.99) nationally at book stores or online at or visit Inna’s website:

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