Book Review: Make Peace With Your Plate, Jessica Ainscough

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Jessica Ainscough, where do we start?  Jess is truly an inspiration to people around the globe and I’m not exaggerating, she is a Wellness Warrior on every level of her being and I have been nourishing my life alongside Jess’ journey to wellness for the past few years. And I cheered Jess with so much excitement when another of her dreams came true, publishing her story with Hay House, based on her successful e-book of the same name, Make Peace with Your Plate.

A quick intro to Jessica Ainscough.  Diagnosed with a rare form of incurable cancer at 22 and the only way to prolong her life was to amputate her arm, Jess set about learning everything she could about natural treatments. Six years later, following a complete change in lifestyle, diet and mindset, Jess is thriving as an incredibly inspiring Wellness Warrior.

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Not only is Jess gifted with the sharing of her journey to wellness but her writing is such a beautiful gift too.  Her printed edition of Make Peace With Your Plate is an absolute must read. Not only is it chock full with nourishing goodness on how to “change your life one meal at a time” but it’s so easy to read and she makes it easy to incorporate the new into your life. Although I already pretty much live my life in a similar vein to Jess (except I’m not a vegetarian, I love my meat and animal products), I still learnt new things about eating that I didn’t know alongside some great reminders and the actual process of nourishing my mind reading her book.

The book is broken down into easy to read sections starting with The Wellness Warrior Story, how to Make Peace With Your Plate, which includes stories about what works for Jess, how to put all that she’s learnt into practice alongside her favourite recipes and how to fast and cleanse the body.  And finally my favourite section All In Your Head which is all about going beyond our plates, integrating a holistic approach to life, focusing on the importance of being responsible for our own self care. Our minds are so powerful and is a major part of our healing journey, if we don’t take charge of what we think, just eating well won’t cut the mustard, self care has to be holistic in it’s approach. Jess also talks about how to incorporate the natural into our homes and excitingly I learnt a few new options here.  What I enjoyed most about this book was Jess didn’t push down your throat that you had to do everything exactly like her, she understands that we are all different and we are responsible for figuring out what suits us and what doesn’t and that’s the way it should be. Jess can only share what has worked for her and it’s up to us to educate through trial and error what works for us!

Get daily nourishment by visiting Jess’ The Wellness Warrior website:

Available now: Hay House RRP$17.95

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