About Sam

Sam_Winter_HeadshotMy name is Sam Winter and I’m the creator of online brand Sassi Sam and character Sassi.

Sassi is a self-proclaimed shopaholic who loves all things fun and girlie and I have created an online world that embodies this ideal. Everything is from Sassi’s perspective, she’s your online virtual friend.

Launched in 2006 as sassisam.com an online retail store that allowed you to satisfy your shopping cravings with cute Sassi Sam branded apparel and gorgeous girlie gifts imported direct from the US when no-one was doing that way back then. Sassi Sam then morphed in a popular fun and girlie online news portal, Sassi’s Girlie Gossip Files, where you would find the latest glossy gossip fix on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and pop culture.

A fun and unashamedly girlie site, Sassi provides you with an escape into a visual pink paradise where you can see the world of fashion, beauty and pop culture through rose-coloured glasses.

We have a Pollyanna Policy, we respect constructive feedback as people have their own opinions but we don’t appreciate snark, no-one deserves to be snarked on, Sassi’s Girlie Gossip Files are a fun and respectful place for all visitors.

But it’s not only about me and Sassi, we have a team of contributors who help make this website amazingly fantastic, you can check them all out here at our Team Page.

Thanks for following and supporting us, we wouldn’t be anything without you and look forward to a cup of tea and cupcakes with you soon.

Sam & Sassi