About Sassi Sam

sassi-sam-street-signWho created Sassi Sam?

Sassi Sam’s creator lives in Sydney, Australia and gave life to Sassi Sam in 2005. What started out as a tiny seed of an idea, soon blossomed into a distinctly ‘Sassi’ brand with loads of character and fun.

What inspired Sassi Sam?

She noticed she was always encouraging her girlfriends to embrace their ‘girliness’. She’d always be the one to talk fashion and trends and decided to build a business around it. With ‘fun’ the driving force, Sassi Sam soon came to life.

Why is Sassi so loveable?

Everyone likes having the limelight every once in a while, but with Sassi it’s always about ‘you’. It brings out your ‘playful’ and ‘sexy’ side, so often neglected in today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

How is Sassi different?

Sassi doesn’t take life too seriously. It’s about catching those ‘Sassi moments’ and laughing them off in a quirky and fun way.

What’s a ‘Sassi Moment?’

Sassi moments are those ultimate girlie moments that only we girls can understand.

Where will Sassi Sam go?

There is no limit. Wherever fun and girlieness is needed, Sassi Sam will be because a girl can never do enough shopping!